Performance Metrics

Performance Measures

Improving your performance starts with knowing your baseline; that is, determining exactly how effective you really are as a clinician.  In truth, most practicing psychotherapists have no hard data regarding their success rates with clients.  Fewer still have any idea how their outcomes compare to any other clinician or to national norms for progress in care.  Thankfully, a simple solution exists.  It entails using paper and pencil scales to measure the fit and effect of the services you offer.  The two scales are:

Session Rating Scale 3.0 (SRS)
A simple, 4-item pencil and paper visual analog scale designed to assess key dimensions of effective therapeutic relationships.

The Outcome Rating Scale (ORS)
A simple, four-item visual analog scale designed to assess areas of life functioning known to change as a result of therapeutic intervention.

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Performance Analytic Tools

There are multiple options for administering, scoring, aggregating, and interpreting the data generated by the Outcome and Session Rating Scales.  All of these options enable the user to:


  • Determine the effectiveness of their work compared to an international normative database;
  • Chart and receive feedback regarding the progress of individuals, couples, families, and groups;
  • Compare the outcomes of therapists, treatment programs, and agencies.

A simple, easy to use web-based system using the latest algorithms for administering, scoring, and interpreting the Outcome and Session Rating Scales.

A user-friendly, web-based tool for administering, scoring, and interpreting the Outcome and Session Rating Scales.




Agencies and systems of care that want to build the ORS and SRS into their existing electronic health care record or enterprise level IT system can use the Performance Metrics “Blackbox Webservices.”  The blackbox enables you to score, plot expected treatment trajectories (using the latest and continuously updated interpretive algorithms), and aggregate individual practitioner and agency data and create important summary statistics (effect size, percentage of clients reaching service benchmarks, national normative comparisons).  The privacy of your data is secure as no identifying data is sent to or stored in the blackbox.  For more information, please click here.


Data Analysis and Interpretation Services
Whether you are an individual practitioner or the manager of a large agency, I can help you make sense of the raw data generated from the Outcome and Session Rating Scales and use the information to decrease drop out rates and improve outcome and efficiency.  Click here to contact me.